How we work.

We listen to you. We don’t use big words. We like being clear and transparent, keep our promises. We recommend what you actually need, not just what’s cool.

Our work is creating websites and providing support to our customers. We like talking clearly, explain in simple terms what we do and the solutions we recommend for your needs.

We’re web enthusiasts, and we especially love WordPress.

We believe that technology should be easy to understand and at everybody’s reach. We think it can improve people’s lives, as well as business for our customers, if used for good and ethically.

We don’t work with Facebook.

We think Fecebook represents exactly the opposite of what technology should be. It feeds disinformation, creates addiction and has no respect for privacy.

Things we do care about:


We want our websites to be simple and easy to navigate for everbody, even for those who are not experts. We care about organizing web content rationally and write in a way that can be understood by a broad audience.


We do everything we can to make our websites accessible and not excluding any user based on situational, temporary or permanent disabilities. We want our sites to be available on any device.


We build our websites carefully and in an essential way, without burdening them with useless functions or components that could slow them down or create security problems.

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