Client: My Own Way

My Own Way is both a travel diary and the home of the eponymous project created in 2013 by Claudia Scugugia, graphic designer and traveler from Olbia, Sardinia.

“Eppure, per cosa viaggiamo? Non per vedere monumenti o meraviglie naturali, non per la comodità guardando quello che ci passa davanti, non per contare i paesi dove siamo stati, non per evadere dalla realtà. Forse proprio per l’opposto, per essere presenti nel mondo e non subirlo, per vedere come si vive aldilà di quello che diamo per scontato come la libertà e la democrazia, per capire quanto piccoli siamo, per non guardare la vita che vola via.”

“Either way, what do we travel for? Not to see monuments or natural wonders, not for sitting comfortably and watching things pass by, not to list the countries we visited, nor to escape reality. Maybe just the opposite, to be part of the world, here and now, and not live it passively, to see how people live beyond what we take for granted, as freedom and democracy, to understand how small we are, and to not just watch life fly away.

Besides travel journals, the site gives a presentation of the original works created by Claudia and Alessandro, based on the photos shot during their travels and the inspirations found along their way.