Web accessibility

We design our websites with care, and do everything we can to make our websites inclusive and accessible to anyone, no matter the device, their level of ability and situational, temporary or permanent disabilities.

You probably stumbled into websites with an “accessible version”: usually a set of extra buttons to adapt text size, color contrast and maybe something else for users with specific needs.

HappierWeb prefers a different approach, based on a truly inclusive design, that doesn’t leave anyone behind, and doesn’t exclude users based on their ability, access to technology and other factors.

It is possible to create websites that anyone can use, that are easy to read, intuitive to navigate and speak a clear, friendly language that doesn’t exclude anyone.

What we talk when we talk about accessibility?


Internet is in most part made of text. This is why is so important to make sure that your text content is readable, with font size and colors that suit users of all ages.

Information Architecture

We want our websites to have clear contents, be organized rationally, in a way that just makes sense. It’s called information architecture, and makes your site clearer and easier to navigate.

Animation and motion

We recommend avoiding non-essential animations and “special effects” that don’t add to the message, as these can be and trigger unpleasant reactions in users with motion sensitivity.


In average, up to 8% of users, mostly male, have some form of color blindness. We keep this in mind when we’re choosing color palettes for our websites, and also avoid using just color to communicate some messages.

There’s not just a mouse.

We don’t take for granted that all users browse websites using a mouse or gestures to navigate them. That’s why we do our best to make sure that our websites can be suitable for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Web standards (and a perk)

Behind an accessible website there’s attention to web standards and the HTML structures that will be read more efficiently by search engines. That’s why an accessible website also lays the foundation of great SEO for your site.

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